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Change System Font in #iOS7 !! Thanks to @JenniMoAddict for the share! Cc @_macinmac_ #mnmlco

Posted on Jan 1, 2014 by in Blog | 1 comment


Yes it’s true!

We can sk change the system font in ios7 using ifile as of now! I personally have tested this on my iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.4 . Not sure about 64-bit !

Ok here’s how it looks and then how to do it yourself!


Crazy right? And without Bytafont!

You need ifile to make this happen! Or any other file explorer with root access!

Ok first things first!

Let’s back up the originals.

• in iFile go to System/Library/Fonts

Inside this folder is a folder called Cache, let’s select that and hit copy. Hit edit in the top right corner, select the folder, hold down on the name and select copy.


• Now take this folder and save it to your desktop or any other safe location, in case you want to revert back to stock.

• Now that we’re safe and backed up, Let’s Proceed.

•Now you need to download the .zip file @JenniMoAddict has graciously posted for everyone.

Download Font .zip Here.

• Download the .zip in Safari and open in iFile, and Unarchive the package. Now you should be at this screen in your documents folder.


•The folder we need to look at is SnippetiOS7. Open this folder and hit edit in the top right corner, select entire contents of folder and hold down and select copy.


•Now navigate back to System/Library/Fonts, this time click on the folder Cache to open it.

• Select edit in the top right corner , then tap the clipboard icon in the bottom right. It will have a popup as soon as you tap the clipboard. Select Overwrite all and enjoy!


Thanks to JenniMoAddict for the share and macinmac for letting me know!



1 Comment

  1. I lost the file with the original fonts. How can I change them back! Help please. Thanks. I’m stupid :(

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